The 29 atolls that make up the Marshall Islands are located about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. The total landmass of the islands, if squeezed together, would equal the size of the metro area of Washington D.C.; however, the tiny islands dot the map like distant constellations in a starry sky.

The mean elevation of the five islands and 29 atolls that make up the Republic of the Marshall Islands is about 6½ feet.

Barely 25 years into its life as an independent country, the Republic of the Marshall Islands already is contemplating its demise, as it contends with erosion and sea level rise.

Along the coastline of the capitol Majuro, old cars and trash are being piled up in an attempt to make seawalls and stop the rising water levels.

Every year, more and more of this nation’s graves disappear into the sea.

Marshall Islands



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