Blog Entries by Brook Meakins at The Huffington Post

Island states mull risks and benefits of suing big emitters by Lisa Friedman in The Nation

20 kids petition for bike lanes in Santa Fe town


Mauritius July 2013: Fifth International Conference on Climate Change, to be held 18-19 July 2013

Taiwan October 2013: International Conference on Island Development


In 2012, I presented at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at the University of Oregon School of Law; the University College of the Cayman Islands for “50-50: Surveying the Past, Mapping the Future”; in Waterloo, Canada, at a conference for the Environmental Studies Association of Canada; the 4th International Conference on Climate Change at the University of Washington School of Law; and the Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference at Tufts University.


My reporting has been published in: (587,767 unique visitors per month) (1,625,300 unique visitors per month) (34,359 unique visitors per month).

I have been interviewed by ClimateWire, a popular syndication service for environmental reporting, Earth Island Journal, the Sierra Club radio program, and Go Green, which airs on Voice of America. I was recently interviewed for a piece that will run in the New York Times about my fact-finding mission to Kiribati.

My Alternet piece, “An Inside Look at One of the First Villages Forced to Relocate Due to Climate Change,” was featured on Up w/ Chris Hayes. View the footage here (at 1:50 of 6:34 minutes). This story also received over 1000 likes on Facebook and 800 on


Until 2012, I blogged here


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